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The Wickers Charity Summer Programme

The Wickers Charity Summer Programme

For the first time ever, The Wickers Charity ran a three-week Summer Programme, which kicked off on Tuesday 24th July, to coincide with the start of the school holidays. What an experience the fun packed three weeks have been.

Around forty local youths, aged between 6 and 16, attended the hub at St Mary Eton of Church on Eastway.   We organised a busy timetable of activities that ranged from table tennis, FIFA Competitions, football, pool and cooking. We also had special visits form rapper and Chelsea scout Joe Black who came to take on ‘The Hood Table Tennis Champ’ Bobby.

With parents also volunteering the programme felt like a real family get together.  We had cooking classes, hair studio, face painting and a weekly talent show.

“Wow! The kids really had a nice time.  This is beautiful.  Thanks to ALL who made this possible.” Michael Bisuga (Parent of one our members).

The highlight of the three weeks were the trips out of the Hub which were scheduled each Friday.  This started with a double whammy of swimming followed by a trip to the cinemas to watch The Incredibles 2.  It was the first time some of the kids had actually ever been swimming so providing these new experiences were a bonus.

The second week was an educational trip to Seal Life, where the members found out about different animals and creatures as well as aspects of the sea.  A local trip to Victoria Park for a game of Rounders and a picnic was followed by a final trip to Chessington World of Adventures, where despite the downpour the members had a SPLASHING time.

It was also an opportunity for some of our older members to get valuable experience in a working environment.  Paris, Ryan, Luigi, Reniq and Jordan were given the opportunity to be hired as helpers to support  the summer programme in preparation to attending college for the first time in September.  They now have an organisation they can call upon for references as they navigate their way through the transition of teen to adulthood.

This is what The Wickers Charity is all about.  Providing opportunities and experiences to keep the youths occupied and away from a life of gangs and crime.

We can’t wait to do it all again next Summer. Many thanks to (name any sponsors of the Summer programme).


Bobby & Yvonne


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Yvonne Martin