The Wickers Charity
Supporting young people in Hackney
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About Us


We are The Wickers - a charity supporting eight to eighteen year olds in Hackney. We aim to reduce gang and knife related crime in East London by providing positive role models, learning opportunities, recreational activities and educational workshops. Our ambition is to enhance young people’s sense of self-worth and demonstrate they can lead a more meaningful life.

The Wickers Charity was founded in 2018 by local businessman Henry Smith, CEO of Aitch Group, who collaborated with local football club HWFC. Aitch Group has sponsored Hackney Wick FC for a number of years and are proud to continue this relationship with the creation of The Wickers Charity. It has been a long-held dream for Henry Smith to support the youth of Hackney and support them in pursuing a meaningful life.

Bobby Kasanga founder of the Hackney Wick FC, says “I am delighted that the relationship with Aitch Group has now resulted in the founding of the Wickers Charity”.

We offer a range of classes and workshops from our community hub in Hackney Wick. To date, we’ve held workshops on the dangers of gang crime, hosted inspirational speakers, as well as running graphic design and music production classes. We aim to  host any classes that help young people to achieve their own individual learning plans. 

We are open and accessible to all young people within our targeted age group, to provide individual support and progress mapping.

I had everything going for me: college, football, I had a good part-time job. It should have been enough. I should have been leading a productive life, instead I spent most of my twenties doing time. When I left prison, I was determined to turn my life around and work with the children of East London to do something meaningful with their lives.
I want The Wickers Charity to provide the choices and opportunities that aren’t always available to young people. We hope to nourish and improve their skills and enhance their knowledge, creating a brighter future for young people.